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Brian Joubert is going to try pair skating with Katarina Gerboldt. They are hoping French Federation will release him to compete for Russia.

For real, this is not a joke, he confirmed it himself


Tomas Verner and Carolina Kostner Post


OK!! RANT!! my dance partner and i were doing a lift today and as i was lifting her she said “rise” like that fucking elmo cake and i lost it and almost dropped her & had to take about 10 minutes to stop laughing this website is going to make me kill someone literally 

The early days of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir





Everybody dance NOW!!! :-)

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Woooo girls night!!! :))) have fuuuun

Loooove these gifs!!! ;) flirt monster attacks

loool you always make my day…tomorrow I’ll make it up for you…with some flir monster stuff :-D

OooOooOooo looking forward to THOSE….thank u darking ;)

You always make my day as well xoxo


Tessa & Scott || kiss ‘n cry

  • Touchy-feely after their free dance @ Worlds 2007 [x]