They flirt. They kiss. They hug. They yearn. They look at each other as if no one else exists. But they’re not lovers.

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30 Day Challenge — Day 3 (the best picture of Scott)

**this man is too gorgeous okay**

The first pic is that wholesome/funny/happy/charismatic Scott we all know and love…bc he is the cutest ^_____^

and the bottom pic is the “training animal” as Tessa calls him…he is SO passionate about his sport and its evident…plus he is such a rock-solid partner…he knows when to buckle down, be supportive and help each other get through…despite his goofiness…

(p.s. I’ll pick just one pic for the rest of the days..but these first two are impossible to keep it to one)

If this gets 120,000 notes I will try out for American Idol singing The Krusty Krab Pizza

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Brian Joubert is going to try pair skating with Katarina Gerboldt. They are hoping French Federation will release him to compete for Russia.

For real, this is not a joke, he confirmed it himself